Stylish suspended ceilings for your property

KD Building Solutions installs suspended ceilings for residential and commercial properties in Newcastle and the surrounding areas. Contact us today for a free quote.

Expertly installing suspended ceilings in Newcastle upon Tyne

Improving your fire safety, energy efficiency and acoustics, dropped and suspended ceilings are a great choice for homes and businesses alike. At KD Building Solutions in Newcastle upon Tyne, we install suspended ceilings for clients throughout the North East. Much like our other services, including the installation of wall partitions, we are proud to offer free, no-obligation quotes as well as any advice or guidance you need.

A supported structure

Suspended ceilings consist of square panels which are supported by a lightweight, metal grid system that is suspended from a higher ceiling element.

The panels themselves are available in a variety of materials, including metal, wood, synthetic and composite. They also come in a range of designs and sizes to suit your needs and requirements.

Various benefits

Suspended ceilings are ideal for hiding exposed structural or mechanical components, including cables, conduits, ducts, pipes and plumbing. Despite them being covered, the hidden components can be easily accessed by lifting the appropriate panels up and over to one side. Other benefits of suspended ceilings include:

  • Helping you keep your environment safe and hygienic
  • Improving the acoustics of the room
  • Providing further protection from fires
  • Contributing to saving on your energy costs
  • Modify your office with wall partitions

    Change the layout of your premises to allow for more effective and practical navigation by choosing our office wall partitioning. Our team effectively fits and installs a variety of partitioning solutions. Partitions offer a number of advantages for businesses, such as improving staff efficiency, reducing labour costs, and being:

  • Adaptable
  • Cost-effective
  • Demountable
  • Easy to relocate
  • Energy efficient
  • Demountable partitioning

    As the name suggests, demountable partitioning can be easily removed and re-erected to various places, offering flexible privacy. This makes it the ideal solution for offices where the layout can be altered to accommodate meetings or new personnel. Our office partitioning services are second to none.

    Glass partitioning

    Add a modern and stylish look to your premises with our glass partitioning. Choosing glazed partitions enables privacy while simultaneously maintaining an open office atmosphere which allows light to travel throughout the floor.

    Fire-rated partitions

    Used in corridors, lifts, and staircase lobbies, fire-rated partitions comply with all legal requirements of a building. This means that they offer up to two hours’ protection in the event of a fire outbreak.

    Experienced installation team

    Each of our contractors has many years of experience in the industry, while they are fully trained and qualified in the installation of suspended ceilings. During the installation, our contractors aim to carry out the work as quickly and efficiently as possible, causing the customer the minimum of disruption. In addition to ceilings, we also install kitchens.

    Excellent customer service

    At KD Building Solutions, we take customer service seriously. That’s why we promise to work closely with you from the initial enquiry right through to the installation and completion of the project. Whether you acquire wall partitions, a suspended ceiling, or a new kitchen we offer a free, no-obligation quote and expert advice and guidance. Contact us today.

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